Sunday, 22 May 2011

To blog or.....

please add a comment about the use of blogs from our recent experience. thank you

I have found the blog quite useful, not only for communication, but also as a research tool. It enables the group to access all the same materials at the same time (so no excuses), if you are absent for a day or so, you can visit at any time and see what work has been carried out while you've been away. 

due to its nature, being online, you are able to upload pictures, videos, mp3's, website links and a whole host of other useful gems. so if you find a link to a good website all you have to do is copy and paste the url and it turns it into a link on the blog. 

however, it's not all rainbows and unicorns, the only way that a blog will work properly is if everyone views it on a fairly regular basis (for our show it was getting updated so often that at least twice a week was necessary)also it will only work if everyone puts in a fair amount of work to it. if you find research and don't upload it, you aren't helping the group or the project you are working on. 

hope this has been helpful Paul 

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  1. Blogging good or bad???

    Using the blog can be useful for keeping in contact with each and tracking the profess of a show. It allows people to quickly find out what had been going on in a rehearsal process, showing how some decisons have come to be. Of course it does require people to keep it updated.

    It also allows people outside of a performance to see how everything that has
    contributed to the final show and comment with thier feedback.
    However it is very good to express ideas and views to the rest of the group.

    Ryan =]