Monday, 23 May 2011


The blog is an easy and simple way to communicate and keep all your pictures, video's weblinks etc in one place...
I found using the blog easy and simple.. When you click on 'New post' there is a bar across the top of the comments box with icons, where you can insert images, video's, links and jump breaks.

The pictures and links uploaded almost instantly, but I found the video's took too long to upload, or just didn't upload at all... Video clips from youtube and on the web uploaded. But when I tried to upload video's from my documents, it would not upload.

We blogged everything... Updates from what happened in lessons with pictures and video's. Good research sites. Script idea's, costume idea's, questions etc.... and everyone who follows the blog can comment on it, so we were able to get other peoples opinion..

The blog is accessable to anyone with internet, and is very easy to find...

Hope this is useful, Ria :)

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  1. Blogging!!!

    I found the blog very useful and easy to use. The blog archive is also very useful (a list of dates and topics that have been posted on the blog) as if I needed to research or catch up on something I don't have to filter through the whole blog.
    Very useful to communicate with other disciplines as long as everyone blogs and updates their findings regularly.
    Not only can we use the blog for our research and our ideas but we can also post videos and pictures from our lessons or even something from youtube that may have had relevance to somebody. A good way of noting down research, and also letting somebody know your findings of something that may not be of interest to you or your discipline but to somebody elses'.